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Reiki Attunements Available

$45 Attunements:

>Usui Reiki Levels 1-2-3
(Beginners through Masters)
as a single package


$20 Attunements:

>LW Mythological Lairs (centaur, chimera, dragon, firebird, pegasus, gryphon)
>LW Rhiannon, Branwen, Arianrhod, Blodeuwedd & Cariddwen


$15 Attunements:

>Ama Deus Shamanic Healing
>Ashta Lakshmi Reiki
>Auric Reiki
>Dolphin Seichem
>Ethereal Crystals (levels 1-6)
>LW Five Dhyani Buddhas


$10 Attunements:

>49 Angelic Symbols
>Abundantia Abundance Ray
>Amaterasu Reiki
>Ancient Egypt Ankh Initiation
>Angelic Cellular Healing
>Angel Stone
>Aphrodite Shining Star
>Awakening of the Grail Guardians
>Ayurveda Reiki
>Colours of Angels
>Crystal Wind
>Deep Red
>Devi Ganga Darshan
>Dolphins of Atlantis
>Dolphin White Wave Healing
>Energy and Magic of the Fairies
>Green Tara Seichem
>Helarias Light
>Higher Clearing Ray
>Kofuto Touch Healing
>Kundalini Reiki (levels 1 - 6)
>Lahra Reiki
>LW Amida Buddha Link
>LW Azuriel Angel
>LW Flower of Life
>LW Eye of Horus
>LW Knights of the Holy Grail
>LW Knights of the Rosary
>LW Knights of the Round Table
>LW Lucky Friday 13th
>LW Order of LW
>LW Rose Deva
>LW Sofia
>LW Starseed Transmissions
>LW Tempai
>LW Undines
>LW Zadkiel Angel
>LW Zenos (starman)
>Medicine Buddha Reiki
>Nowruz Empowerment
>Ole Gabrielsen's Ascended Masters
>Orb of Life
>Psychic Protection Flame
>Rainforest Reiki
>Reiki Vajra Arjuna
>Sakkara Fire Reiki
>Tachyon 2008

We are two Reiki Masters, Ian Sadler and Cliff Mathews, who have been practicing energy work for over 20 years. We would like to offer you these attunements and empowerments.

  Ian Sadler
Hi! My name is Ian Sadler

For each attunement you purchase you will receive a PDF instruction manual and a certificate, as well as the distance attunement and the lineage.

Click on each attunement to the left to get a full description of it and see its price.

We also have package prices.


We also offer distance attunement in Levels 1 through 3 (Beginners, Practitioners and Masters) of Usui Reiki as a complete package for $45. With reiki manual, certificate and lineage. Click Here. Certificate - low resolution Click Here for example of Certificate
266 KByte - low resolution
emailed - you print it.
Rowan Reiki Academy Certificate - high resolution Click Here for example of
Rowan Reiki Academy Certificate
( +$5 )
6.3 MByte - high resolution
professional quality
emailed - you print it

Or if you would prefer, we can print and mail you the Rowan Reiki Academy certificate with our high resolution color printer. (professional quality - we mail it +$10)

You will need Adobe Reader to open the PDF files.
If you do not have Reader, click the button below to download it.

Disclaimer: The reiki manuals, methods and attunements offered here are not a substitute for proper medical care. Reiki Practitioners purchasing attunements here must be 18 years or older.

Copywrite © 2009 - Ian Sadler & Craig Farquharson - All Rights Reserved.